Your authorized Romanian Kosher Sausage Distributor

If you've ever tasted Romanian Kosher deli products, you know they're simply the best you can eat. Until now they've only been available in Chicago. Now you can enjoy a selection of Romanian's delicious cold cuts and hot dogs anywhere in the United States. will ship Romanian's delicious corned beef. pastrami, hot dogs and all your other favorites straight to your door, fresh and ready to put between 2 pieces of your favorite bread or roll. Just add mustard and a pickle and you'll be enjoying a special meal that can't be duplicated.

If you've never tasted Romanian Kosher products, you're in for a treat. Perhaps you've heard about them - word of mouth has gotten the message out. In fact people have traveled hundreds of miles to Chicago to fill suitcases to take home and enjoy.

Now you can simply order online and enjoy your favorite Romanian cold cuts- as the moment they left the store.

OU Glatt Kosher
Meat Products are Gluten Free
(Kishka NOT Gluten Free)

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Romanian Kosher Deli Products
Simply the best you can eat. Delivered straight to your door!